Venue: Seoul, South Korea

Date: 12-13 April 2016

Sustainable Framework for Governance & Management Effectiveness

The conference will provide an excellent opportunity for exchange of ideas and information among researchers, academicians, practitioners and students. The conference is expected to provide meaningful findings and recent updates on the issues of strategic management and corporate governance especially concerning risk management, accountability and integrity of the key players in the capital market.

It is essential to focus on improving innovation, strategic management and transforming institutions in order to meet the challenges of the coming decades. Governance, transparency, predictability and accountability are key elements to establishing long-term domestic legitimacy of board members and authorities.

Sustaining performance can only be reached by balancing economic efficiency and reasonable profits with public interests and investment needs. The proposed conference will address the issues and challenges that the business communities are facing in terms of governance, risk management, performance management, internal control and audit mechanism, corporate integrity and transparency, competitive environment, corruption and whistle-blowing.

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