04 & 05 June 2015
9.00 am — 5.00 pm
Corus Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

This workshop is for those who are looking to acquire a good grasp of the practical aspect of forensic accounting to prevent, detect and investigate fraud. Learn with expert guidance how to detect, investigate and prevent fraud based on the real life experience of forensic practitioners.

  • Help to prevent fraud or proactively identify the potential for financial problems .
  • Look for include misleading financial reporting, personal gain of corporate insiders, and violations of the law or tax codes
  • Conduct compliance audit to reviews how well an organization is complying with legal and regulatory guidelines
  • Review organizational polices, documentation management, user access controls, compliance and risk management procedures
  • Acquire insights on how forensic Accounting go about uncovering accounting discrepancies and setting up internal measures to mitigate fraud and increase accountability. Types of fraud reported: asset misappropriation, bribery, corruption, accounting fraud, employee crime, business/ work valuation, and etc.



Overview of Financial Criminology & Forensic Accounting
Why is it Important To Businesses or Organizations?
Module 1 :
Describe and Contrast Broad Categories of Fraud / Corruption
Elements of Fraud
Types of Financial Fraud
The Profile of a Fraudster
Module 2 :
Forensic Accounting
Investigative Forensic Accounting
Principles, Methods & Applications
Module 3:
Financial Fraud Prevention
Financial Fraud Detection
Guidance & Principles & Techniques
Module 4:
Financial Fraud Investigations
Describe how to prepare and present a forensic case
The Fraud Report and Exhibits
Module 5:
Explain Why and How to realign resources in organization
Forensic Investigation, reporting and case presentation
Module 6:
Proper Treatment of Evidence in Financial Fraud Cases
What is Forensic Accounting & Litigation Support?



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