08 & 09 May 2015

Accounting Research Institute (ARI)
UiTM Shah Alam



  1. To analyze data within their organization
  2. To shows how to use SPSS to input and analyze data and how to interpret and present the results
  3. Focuses on descriptive statistical techniques and how these can be used to analyze data relevant to your research needs, like means, median and cross-tabulation.


Assoc . Prof. Dr. Zuraidah Mohd. Sanusi

She is a Deputy Director (Postgraduate & Innovation) at the Accounting Research Institute and an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Accountancy, (UiTM). Her research expertise is in auditing, forensic accounting, corporate reporting, corporate governance, management accounting and management. She has published more than 100 articles in journal and conferences proceedings. She has been appointed as the journal administrator for national and international journals. She have more than 20 years experience in quantitative research used SPSS. She has received several awards from her research works, such as MAPIM award, MIA Articles Merit Awards (2008, 2010 & 2011), Best paper awards in several conferences. She was awarded with diamond, gold and silver awards by MyAccountantGlobal, Integrated Accountability System, AQuR system and AESTIG.



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