Theme : Development of Social Enterprise & Social Business for Eradication of Extreme Poverty & Street Begging

Date : 19-20 December 2014

Venue :Chittagong, Bangladesh

Objectives of the Conference:

  • To create awareness concerning poverty alleviation in the developing countries
  • To campaign for community-based village level direct actions for immediate eradication of begging and alleviation of poverty
  • To develop and strengthen network among the global researchers, academics and bodies involved in alleviation of poverty

Essence of the Conference

Over the last century talks, writings, and plans in all national and international forums have been in terms of economic development and poverty alleviation. Interestingly though, the world community feels shy and uneasy to use the word begging, because begging is regarded by all as an insulting and degrading term. It is considered in the society as a shameful and humiliating culture, people are very sensitive about talking and referring to begging. In Islamic culture again, it is similarly recognized as a degrading and shameful practice, even though permitted only as a last resort. Thus, begging has never been officially prioritized as a detestable societal problem and addressed any time for direct action for its eradication from the society. As a result this culture has been constantly remaining with us. Therefore, what is needed now to eradicate hunger and begging is a community based direct action approach through formation of rural social enterprise and social business following largely social engineering approach.

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