On 7 July 2012, a seminar in auditing has been successfully held at Dewan Auditorium 2, Institute of Leadership and Quality Management (ILQAM), UiTM Shah Alam. The success of the seminar was a synergy of good collaboration between two groups of Masters Students (part-time and full-time) taking AUD 722 course and Accounting Research Institute (ARI).

The seminar, with a theme “Confronting Challenges in Auditing Profession”, was divided into two parts, an individual presentation by a speaker and a panel discussion of two panelists and one moderator. The seminar was officiated by the Deputy Dean (Professional Accounting Education Department), Dr Roszana Tapsir, who gave an excellent introduction to the seminar and extended her appreciation to the invited speakers and the organizing committee.



The first session of the seminar started with an energetic talk by Mr. Alex Ooi from BDO Malaysia on the topic “Human Capital Development towards Improving Audit Quality”. He discussed not only on the statutory responsibilities of the directors as well as the auditors, but also emphasized several important issues, such as growing financial scandals in Malaysia that lead to increase challenges in capital market and the accounting profession. He also identified several critical success factors that students should have in order to stand competitively among other excellent graduates as they join the accounting profession in the future.

The second session continued with a panel discussion on the topic “Clarified ISAs in Tackling Fraud Issues”. This session was moderated by a student representing the organizing committee, Khairil Anwar bin Masri. Two panelists who have been cordially invited to discuss on the topic were 1) Mr. Stanley Teo, Council Member of Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA) cum Partner in Deloitte; and 2) Mr. Ahmad Shahrul bin Hj. Mohamed, Partner in Khairuddin, Hasyudeen & Razi (KHR).

Accounting Exhibition 2012

In conjunction with the seminar, Accounting Exhibition 2012 was organized to provide opportunities for the students to exhibit accounting-based innovations and products. Ten groups of students had participated in the exhibition with innovations and products that could be potentially commercialized in the future. The winners are judged by four judges - Prof. Dr Nor’azam Mastuki, Pn. Yusarina Mat Isa, Pn. Nurul Aida Hazlin binti Ismail, and Pn. Razana Juhaida Johari. All in all, the students managed to showcase their potentials although there was always room for improvements.




List of Products & Awards

No. Project Title Members Award
Experience Innovators Category
1. ECO-Green Lean Six Sigma Scoreboard Tool for Automative Industry Nurul Fadly Habidin GOLD
2. UGGI-University Good Governance Index Assoc Prof Dr Mohamat Sabri Hassan SILVER
3. Dysfunctional Audit Behavior Score Sheet Dr Halil Paino BRONZE
Novice Innovators Category
1. Accounting @ SPM Express Concept Dr Azmi Abd Hamid DIAMOND
2. Accounting @ SPM Express Concept Dr Azmi Abd Hamid GOLD
3. My GLCs Dr Azmi Abd Hamid GOLD
4. Mobile Dinar Price Prediction & Purchasing Device Dr Abiodun Musa Aibinu SILVER
5. SREG-Social Rural Entrepreneurship Game Dr Azmi Abd Hamid SILVER
6. CHICASY-Childcare Systems Nordalila Ramley BRONZE
7. E-Editor Ahmad Saiful Azlin Puteh Salin BRONZE



Overall, the seminar has successfully achieved its objectives in updating and enhancing the students’ understanding on the auditing standards and the practice of auditing, as well as nurturing fresh ideas through product innovations.