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Qualification & Professional Affiliations : Kazi Sohag is a postdoctoral research fellow at Accounting Research Institute, UiTM, Malaysia, and an adjunct research fellow at School of Commerce, Southern Queensland University, Australia. He obtained PhD in environmental economics from National University of Malaysia in 2017. He has been collaborating research works with various eminent researchers from different universities in the globe, e.g. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, USA; Southern Queensland University, Australia; Drexel University, USA; Montpellier Business School, France; Latrobe University, Australia; Linkoping University, Sweden; New Orleans University, USA; King Abdulaziz University, KSA; and Abu Dhabi University, UAE. ​His research interests include Environment Economics; Political Economy; Energy Economics; Development Economics; Financial Economics; and Economic Growth. He published number of research articles in the high impact factor journals like Energy Economics, Economic Modelling, Applied Economics, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Biomass and Bioenergy, Energy, Australian Economic Papers, South African Journal of Economics, Environment Development and Sustainability, Journal of Poverty, and so on. Dr. Kazi was awarded a number of international research grants from different countries including Malaysia, Kosovo, UAE, KSA. He achieved Training of Trainer (TOT) certificate on advanced econometrics techniques. He has been advising several masters and PhD research students in Accounting Research Institute, UiTM, Malaysia. Over the years he has been contributing as a reviewer in various SSCI and SCI journals. Kazi Sohag is a professional trainer of Econometrics techniques and Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) approach applying various software like Stata, Eviews , Microfit 14, R, RATS, GAUSS, GAMS, Matlab and so on.

Research Interest Good Governance; Political Economy; Environment Economics; Energy Economics; Development Economics; Financial Economics; Income Inequality, Remittance; Labour Market and Economic Growth
Current Research Governance; Institutional Quality; Financial Market Development; Green economy; and Economic Growth
Industry / Community engagement : Dr Kazi is a regular reviewer of Economic Modelling; Economic System; Journal of Business & Economics; Borsa Istanbul Review; Ecological Indicator; Energy Efficiency; Emerging Markets Finance and Trade; Eastern European Economics; Carbon Management; and so on
Achievements (Awards/Recognition) :
  • University Research Fellowship Scheme (Zamalah Scholarship at University Kebangsaan Malaysia)

  • Economic Assessment of Low Carbon Technologies and GHG Emissions for Energy Sector in Malaysia (ERGS/1/2011/Ss/Ukm/02/29).

  • Economic Approaches for Linking Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaption” (DPP-2013-144)

  • Feasibility Study of Low Carbon Technology in Terms of Emission Reduction as well as Economic Cost and Benefit (FRGS/1/2013/TK07/UKM/02/4)

  • Faculty Research Grant 2016/2017, Center of Excellence on Sustainable Business Processes. Abu Dhabi University.